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Last Update: October 18, 2022

A message from the President of the Japanese Society of Allergology



It is a great honor for me to serve as the President of Japanese Society of Allergology (JSA) for 2 more years from October 2022. JSA was founded in the year of 1952, and we celebrate our 70th anniversary in the year of 2022. JSA has a total of approximately 12,000 members as the largest National Allergy Society in the world. Those JSA members uniquely include highly active Internists, Pediatricians, Dermatologists, ENT doctors, Ophthalmologists, and Basic scientists. In 1952, original JSA members including young Dr. Ishizaka, who later made a breaking discovery of IgE in 1966, had started to get together to discuss pathogenesis of allergic diseases which is a common language among JSA members. Unfortunately, Drs. Ishizaka had passed away in the recent years; however, we remember that they and their trainees had greatly contributed to the development of allergy and immunology. In 1987, JSA started to certify the Allergy Board as subspecialty to the doctors in the specialties, and we have now more than 4,200 allergy specialists.


We had held the World Allergy Congress (WAC) (formerly the International Congress of Allergology and Clinical Immunology, ICACI) for 3 times in Japan. Those were the events in the year of 1973 (in Tokyo), 1991 (in Kyoto) and 2020 (in Kyoto and Web).

Even though COVID-19 pandemic has made a serious impact on our academic activities, we have to be prepared to those changes in our society (so-called “new normal”) to achieve our mission in the future.

We have improved our English Web site to have better international communication. Please visit our English Web including JSA’s official open access journal of “Allergology International”. We welcome the submission of your fruits of basic and clinical research to the journal.

Motohiro Ebisawa

Motohiro Ebisawa, MD, PhD

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