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Last Update: February 16, 2010

Web Accessibility

In the construction and administration of the Japanese Society of Allergology Website (https://www.jsaweb.jp/), every effort has been made to comply with domestic and international standards and guidelines for web accessibility, so that visual, auditory, or other impairments will not place limitations on users' ability to access content. It has also endeavored to present information in a manner that is easy to understand in order to avoid misunderstanding or incomplete understanding stemming from differences in users' experience, knowledge, culture, or language.
Please be aware that, although care has been taken over various features of this Website with a view to accessibility, it cannot be ensured that content will be displayed identically in all environments.


Accessibility is a term used to describe the concept of making settings, facilities, equipment, software, services, etc, universally user-friendly, and it also refers to the degree of ease with which all people, including the disabled and the elderly, can make use of them.

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