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Last Update: February 16, 2010

The Japanese Society of Allergology (JSA) considers the protection of members' personal information a priority, and takes all reasonable precautions in the handling of personal information.

  1. Personal information: Definition
    By personal information we refer to information identifiable with a specific individual, such as a name, address, telephone number, or e-mail address, provided by a member through the JSA's Website or by email, postal mail, fax, etc.
  2. Purpose of collecting personal information
    The JSA collects the amount and kind of personal information deemed necessary to facilitate communication among members and enable the Society to perform its functions. When requesting personal information from members, the JSA will make clear the purpose of collecting that information.
  3. Use of personal information
    Personal information provided to the JSA will not be used for any purpose other than (1) enabling the JSA to perform its functions and (2) analyzing patterns of use so as to provide services tailored to member needs.
  4. Disclosure of personal information
    The JSA will not disclose or provide personal information collected from a member to any third party, except under the following circumstances.
    (1) The member has agreed to the disclosure of personal information.
    (2) Disclosure is essential for the JSA to perform its functions, and an appropriate committee has approved the disclosure.
    (3) Disclosure is of statistics that are not identifiable with a specific individual and that were collected to allow the to analyze patterns in the use of member services.
    (4) Disclosure is required and legal process is followed.
  5. Management of personal information
    All employees of the JSA, whether employed on a regular, contract, part-time, or other basis, follow strict procedures with regard to management of personal information and take the utmost care to prevent improper diversion, falsification, or improper disclosure of personal information. Furthermore, when providing personal information to other businesses or organizations in accordance with 4. above, the JSA requires such third parties to enter into a contract obligating them to follow comparable security measures.
  6. Alteration or deletion of personal information
    The JSA will respond as quickly as is reasonably possible to member requests to review, verify, or correct personal information.
  7. Security
    The JSA follows all reasonable security measures, including the use of a firewall, to prevent improper outside access to personal information or its loss, destruction, falsification, or improper disclosure. In addition, the Website uses the SSL (secure sockets layer) protocol for transmitting personal information over the Internet in encrypted form.
  8. Cookies
    A cookie is a small data file that the server of a Website sends to the user's computer. It attaches itself to the computer's memory or hard disc to allow the server to identify the computer. The JSA Website makes use of cookies to customize our service to each user and thus improve user satisfaction. When you visit the JSA Website, aspects of your visit are recorded in your own computer. However, the information thus stored includes absolutely no data that is individually identifiable. It thus does not constitute an invasion of privacy; the purpose is simply to allow us to tailor content to the user's needs. Please be aware that if your browser is set to refuse cookies, you may be unable to take advantage of some of the Website's functions and services. (Settings vary depending on the browser. For detailed instructions, check the "Help" menu of your browser.)
  9. Privacy policies of linked sites
    As one means of offering our members useful information and services, the JSA Website provides links to third-party sites. The JSA assumes no responsibility for the linked sites' privacy or security policies or practices. Please exercise your own judgment in using such sites.
  10. Compliance with relevant statutes and regulations
    The JSA will abide by all laws, statutes, ordinances, and regulations pertaining to the management of personal information provided by members.
  11. For further information on privacy, personal information, and related issues, please contact:
    Japanese Society of Allergology Member Management
    4th Floor, MY Bldg, 1-13-3 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0005, Japan
    Tel: +81-3-5807-1701
    Fax: +81-3-5807-1702
    E-mail: info@jsaweb.jp
    URL: https://www.jsaweb.jp
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